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Brad Batchelor


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Writer/Producer/Director/ Cinematographer

Layfayette Esquadrille WW1 Pilot, Captain Alex Jamieson/Assassin to Opium Dealers


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Feature Films currently in Production

Against The Wind
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Most Recent Work

A Tale About Bootlegging
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Feature Films currently in Pre-Production

Vengeance  (Coming 2008)
The sins of the father are visited upon the son.
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Against the Wind was written and is produced and directed by Brad Batchelor and his Flying Scotsman Productions Inc.

Since child hood Batchelor has been involved in movie making and obsessed with movies in general.  In this film the time period moves from the WW1 Lafayette Esquadrille french flyers  around 1916, to fighting Opium traders in the 20s, to challenges with racial abuse and murder in the 30s.

Since playing a cavalry officer in the Mel Gibson film, The Patriot , and spending time with crew and analyzing the whole process behind the scenes  as well as spending time behind the director and producers as they controlled  and directed the film he made a commitment to move forward into a career in filmmaking.

An actor in independent and major productions allowed him to connect with some of the foremost authorities on pre and postproduction technology. His capabilities were enhanced by learning from editors, camera men, and sound engineers.  By attending many post graduate seminars in producing, editing, high definition camera work, light and sound coupled with his business experience he has excelled in the demands of movie production.  Batchelor relates well to acting and to actors and crew due to his experience in both areas.

He has been involved in a variety of activities and sport such  as  Triathlons, Karate, Polo and Aviation.  His experience in life blends well into putting together the ingredients to create a real movie with real props on a tight budget.  Batchelor says “you have million dollars to spend you will spend a million.  You only have a cigar box full of money and you will make things happen and everyone wants to help.  CGI is great but what is wrong with reality.”

"I have created a streamlined and simplified crew with very high tech equipment to speed filming, take advantage of the moment and maintain a momentum of accuracy in filmmaking as well as the ability to travel internationally.  Time is money and we are short of each."

Some of the recent films he has worked in are Miami Vice (2006) with Jamie Foxx & Colin Ferrell, Grave Dancers (2006) and has a principal role in and co-produced,  co-directed/etc. A Tale About Bootlegging (2007).  He has worked with the history channel as well as performed as a stunt rider in many other independent films, and commercials.  Along with Against the Wind Batchelor is helping in the production of Vengeance a New York film with an A list of stars, coming to theaters in 2008.

Born in Michigan and a Doctor of Chiropractic that has practiced in Boone, N.C. for the past 29 years, he has created one of the busiest Chiropractic Practices in the U.S.  Dr. Batchelor lectures internationally regarding management, profitability, efficiency and quality service and he is a consultant to doctors around the world. He has held every office and received most of the honors within the North Carolina Chiropractic Association and was the youngest to hold the office of NCCA President.  When asked how he fits two professions in he says “ I surround myself with winners to create a winning team.  Caring for the health of others is what I do, what I have done since childhood.  Filmmaking is an adventure that fulfills my need to create and provide entertainment to the masses.”





Ron Nummi


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Sheriff/Assistant Director

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Most Recent Work


  • The Good Shepard - Featured (w/Wm. Hurt, Angelina Jolie) Directed by Robert DeNiro
  • Façade - Lead - Feature, Directed by Lee Shangel
  • I'll Be Damned - Lead - Ind. Short, Directed by Adam Strasberg
  • The Puppet Master - Lead - Feature, P.A.G. Film, Directed by Nini Grassia
  • White Death - Lead - Feature, Directed by Sergio Martino
  • When - Supporting - Feature, Directed by Riccardo Sippio
  • Wonderful World - Supporting - Feature , Directed by Arthur Epstein
  • Once Upon A Time - Feature, Directed by Segio Leone


  • Parco, P.I. - Guest Star - Court TV
  • Europa Connection - Lead - TV Movie, Directed by Nando Cicero
  • Battle of the Network Stars - Guest Star - RAI Italian TV
  • Circus of the Stars - Guest Star - RAI Italian TV
  • Umbria Fiction Award Show - Celebrity Presenter - RAI Italian TV
  • Loving - Contract 3 yrs (Rick Alden) - ABC

THEATRE (Partial List)

  • The Rainmaker - Starbuck - 12 Miles West Theater
  • The Photoplayers - Sidney Olcott (Lead) - HBO Theater, NYC
  • The Sexual Fantasy of Louisa May Alcott - The Spanish Grandee (Lead)
  • Three Priests - Ian Becker (Lead)
  • Dinner with Friends - Tom - What Exit? Theater
  • Rebecca - Maxim DeWinter - American Stage Festival
  • The Notebook of Trigorin - Trigorin - 12 Miles West Theater
  • An American Daughter - Timber - Pioneer Memorial Theater
  • Life on the Third Rail - Kenny - Theater at St. Peter's
  • The Invitation - Jonathan Harker - The Ohio on Wooster
  • Hamlet - Rosencrantz - New Dramatists
  • Blood Dues - Jann Eller - Main Street Theater
  • The Bombing of Ann Arbor - Charlie Powell - Brooklyn Playworks
  • Under the Eves - Barnett Rayborne - Lincoln Square
  • Convictions of the Heart - Dr. Ian Adams - Edinburgh Play Festival


  • One Way Ticket to Hell - Lt. David Jason (Lead) - Marilyn Monroe Theater, LA and Don't Tell Mama, NYC
  • The Robber Bridegroom - Title Role - 12 Miles West Theater
  • Oklahoma - Will Parker - Jekyll Island Music Theatre
  • Dames at Sea - Dick - S. Florida Performing Arts Co.
  • Unsinkable Molly Brown - Prince - Golden Apple Theatre
  • South Pacific - Stewpot - Showboat Dinner Theatre
  • Turandot - Prince of Persia - New York City Opera
  • Annie Get Your Gun - Frank Butler - Palm Beach Stage Company
  • Little Shop of Horrors - Orin Scrivello, DDS - Country Dinner Playhouse
  • On the Town - Chip - Cincinnati Playhouse


  • Actor's Studio - Lee Strasberg
  • Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute - Anna Strasberg, Irma Sandrey
  • H.B. Studio - Uta Hagen, Bill Hickey
  • Dance - Jazz, Tap, Ballet



Robert Johnson


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Robert Washington

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Lead – Clem – Film, A Tale About Bootlegging, Fox Films

Lead – Samuel Freeman – Film, When They Could Fly, Directed by Piotr Kajstura




Peter Speach


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

Narcotic Division
Treasuary Department - 1930




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Mr. Speach’s passion for acting led him to begin his performing career while still in college. His credits include a variety of roles for stage, television, and feature films. Some of his credits include: a recurring role on Days of our Lives, Princess and the Cabbie (Valerie Bertinelli), L.A. Law (Susan Dey, Harry Hamlin), Sopranos (Michael Imperioli, Steve Buscemi, Frankie Valle) Illegal Witness (Elias Acosta) Nocturnal (LA Film Festival winner) All American Fairy Tale (Toronto Film Festival Honorable Mention) Peter still continues to work on independent films and television in NY.

Peter co-executive-produced Legends of Fly Fishing, a sports adventure fishing series for cable television. In addition, Peter co-produced Garden of the Gods, a feature film suspense/drama. As founder of NY Film Group, a New York-based film production company, Peter has produced numerous commercials and industrials for a variety of clients in the U.S.





Peter Myers


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Screenplay Consultant

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Peter co-executive-produced Speak to the World, a pilot for an interview show for cable television.  Peter co-wrote and co-produced Double Cross, a half-hour suspense drama, which was offered a worldwide distribution deal within a month of its completion.  Additionally, Peter was a founding partner and Senior Vice President of Creative Affairs of BlueSky Pictures, an Anglo-Dutch film company which, in concert with Creative Artists Agency, in Los Angeles, developed a motion picture package with Antonio Banderas attached to star and Michael Cristofer attached to direct.  As BlueSky’s head of Creative Affairs, it was Peter’s responsibility to make recommendations on all projects submitted to the company, and to advise the CEO of their quality and produceability.  In that company, Peter was also involved in raising financing, packaging directors and stars, and getting distributor interest.  As such, Peter developed relationships for the company with senior executives at Universal Pictures, Miramax, MGM, Sony Pictures Classics and Fox Searchlight Pictures.






Dan Batchelor


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Pilot/Assassin to Opium Dealers

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World class runner, Doctor of Chiropractic and Explorer.



Laura Kaufman


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


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Laura Kaufman (formerly Unger) began writing songs when she was 14, and released her first CD when she was just 15.  Growing up in Sugarcreek Ohio, Laura used to write and record songs in her bedroom.  Now her song I believe can be heard across the country on the new My Network TV show "Fashion House" produced by 20th Century Fox.  Recently Laura has been in the studio recording her first mainstream targeted album entitled "Photographs". Laura writes her own material, plays guitar, and has performed at churches, coffee houses and other venues in North Carolina, Tennessee, California and Ohio. .  

For additional information:



Dean Lyons


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


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Most Recent Work


  • Ashes in the Wind (NCSA), Uncle Mike (Lead), Dir. Daniel Lerch
  • Talladega Nights, Feature, Team Sponsor Rep, Starring Will Ferrell
  • Grave Dancers, Feature, Police Officer, Dir., Mike Mendez

TV / Commercials

  • State Farm / Coach K, Basketball Player, Radical Media
  • Toyota / NASCAR, Toyota Driver, RSA Productions
  • Pizza Hut (NASCAR). Feature Pit crew, Reactor Films
  • Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, Customer, Mama Rama
  • Productions Sugar Mountain Resort, PVOC, Rondinaro Broadcasting
  • Non Union Commercials for Local and Regional Market products and services

Voice Overs

  • APPALCART Public Transport, Charter Media
  • Boone Action Cycle / Artic Cat ATV, Charter Media
  • Other local television and radio commercials

Print Ads

  • Bank of America, Stock Photography, D. Jonathan Hutchins
  • Various Local and regional


  • Commercial / Audition Skills workshop – Corrigan & Johnston Casting
  • Working with a Director workshop – C & J Casting with Bob Newcombe, Joanne Hock, Chuck Bludsworth
  • The Art of Voice Acting- James R. Alburger



Dale Gould


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Production Supervisor

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Well versed in all crew positions and technologically gifted individual. Other films include The Patriot, Loosing Grace, Juwanna Man, Beyond the Wall of Sleep, A Tale About Bootlegging, High Wide and Handsome, Home of the Giants, and Cold Storage. His Television experience includes The Last Brick Maker in America, The Fugitive, Dawson's Creek, and One Tree Hill. Commercials include Rusty Wallace Miller Light, Pontiac Photo Stunt, Union 76, On the Run Mobil, Coke/Nascar, and Discount Tire.



Etta Baker


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actress/Aunt Etta/Banjo Player

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Etta Baker (born Etta Lucille Reid in Caldwell County, North Carolina, March 31, 1913, died September 23, 2006 in Fairfax, Virginia) was a Piedmont blues guitarist and singer from North Carolina, United States. She was of African American, Native American, and European American heritage. Etta played both the 6-string and 12-string forms of the acoustic guitar, as well as the five-string banjo.

Baker received the Folk Heritage Award from the North Carolina Arts Council in 1989, the National Endowment for the Arts' National Heritage Fellowship in 1991, and the North Carolina Award in 2003. Along with her sister, Cora Phillips, Baker received the North Carolina Folklore Society's Brown-Hudson Folklore Award in 1982. Her music was featured in the TV movie Lackawanna Blues (2005).

Baker lived last in Morganton, North Carolina, and died on September 23, 2006 in Fairfax, Virginia at the age of 93, while visiting a daughter who had suffered a stroke.





Brianna O'neil


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actress/Rose Washington - 7 years old

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No details are currently available.



James Schaller


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Corporal Schaller/Layfayette Esquadrille WW1 pilot

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Musician and Owner of Dove Carpet Cleaning



Jim Batchelor


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Colonel Lafayette Esquadrille

View Jim's Details...

WW2 war hero, Nationally known softball player of 70 years. Retired beach boy.



Larry Mosely


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Bank President

View Larry's Details...

Entrepreneur, musician, world traveler, missionary, accomplished Nationally recognized contractor



Sam Tate


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Preacher/Associate Producer

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Sam is a veteran radio broadcaster, producer/founder of Gospel Gems (nationally syndicated oldie-goldie gospel show). He appeared in The Green Mile and on the Young World Radio Show. Sam is a licensed commercial pilot/flight instructor, real estate broker and former community college administrator.

Preacher Tate National Syndicated Gospel Gems Radio Show, musician, singer and founder of Mount Dora's Christian Retreat.



Image Pending

Dora Tate


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


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Actor in  "The Green Mile"  
99 year old farmer/homemaker, former school teacher in N.C. mountains



Bruce Williamson


Cast & Crew Member's Role:




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Recent film appearances include; Final Reconning, A Tale About Bootlegging, Talladega Nights, The Notebook and Cold Mountain.




Laurent Brancourt


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  French Actor, LaFayette Esquadrille Captain

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Educator, soccer player, theatre.



Hannah Boone


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Hannah's Details...

Professional student, ballet dancer and cute kid.



Edgar Baker


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Edgar Baker's Details...

A Great Man.





Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Russian Actress/Sanna

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Krista Schuermann


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Krista's Details...

Krista is a multi sport athlete, Chicago model as well as Business and Computer system degrees. Project manager for large software Company.





Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actress/Costa Rica Location assistant

View Dilia's Details...

No details are currently available.



Marcelo Roja


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Marcelo's Details...

No details are currently available.



Annie Nummi


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Script Supervisor

View Annie's Details...

No details are currently available.



Nakia Baker


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actress/Script Supervisor

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Bill Coger


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Chief Editor and Consultant

View Bill's Details...


Senior Editor – Eshelman Group

Recipient of two Telly Awards for Editing

Samaritan’s Purse Head editor



Barbara DiPrima


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Casting Director

View Barbara's Details...


Barbara DiPrima is Florida's premiere casting director. Established 1978. DiPrima has been responsible for handling thousands of TV commercials, music videos, film, print, industrials, and real people castings.

Barbara has a unique insight into casting challenges. Years in front of camera and on stage, have refined Barbara's talent with regard to placing the correct actor and actress into the right part.

Her client base is both National and International, having cast for some of the largest companies in the world; i.e. Coca Cola, Burger King, Disney, Sony, IBM Visa, the NBA, the NFL, Publix, Mastercard, Proctor & Gamble, American Express, just to mention a few. Ad agencies include BBDO, J. Walter Thompson, Lowe / Lintas, D'arcy, DMB&B, Foote, Cone & Belding, Grey Advertising, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi, N.W. Ayer, Y&R, Jordan, McGrath, Case & Partners, etc.

For music videos and movies she counts Gloria Estefan, Elton John, Robert Redford, Michael J. Fox, et cetera, among her clients or featured stars.




Doug Kaufman


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Sound Designer

View Doug's Details...

Doug Kaufman is a sound designer and composer living in Boone, North Carolina. After graduating from Recording Arts Canada in 2000, he worked as an audio engineer for EHB Productions in Akron, Ohio for several years before becoming the television and radio mixer for International Relief Organization Samaritan's Purse in 2002. His sound design and music can be heard on television and radio across the country.



Brian Lischin


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Robert Washington


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David Robert Rappaport


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View David Robert 's Details...


(646) 522-7409 (cell)                                                                             Height: 5'10"          Weight: 170 lbs.
(973) 912-0232 (home)                                                                         Hair: Brown            Eyes:   Hazel
david.rappaport@investecsecurities.com                                      Voice: Baritone/Tenor



Songs for a New World                     Man 2                                                  George Street Playhouse

Ragtime                                              Father                                                 Debaun Performing Arts Center

One Way Ticket to Hell                     Chico                                                   12 Miles West Theatre Co.

Paper Mill Gala Fund Raiser           Adult Ensemble                                   Paper Mill Playhouse

Ragtime                                              Harry Houdini                                     Plays in the Park

The King and I                                   Sir Edward RamseyPlays in the Park
Secret Garden                                    Albert Lennox/Featured Dancer        Plays in the Park        
My Fair Lady                                     Zoltan Karpathy                                  Plays in the Park
Dance in the Park                             Principal Dancer                                 Plays in the Park
Two By Two                                        Japheth                                               Summit Playhouse
Mack & Mabel                                    Mr. Kessel                                           Magnum Opus

Two By Two                                        Japheth                                               Westfield TE

Bye Bye Birdie                                    Conrad Birdie                                     Maurice Levin Theater
The Sound of Music                           Max Detweiler                                     Maurice Levin Theater

New York City

Crossroads                                         David                                                   NYC Laurie Beechman Theater

Saddamn the Musical                       General Bolten                                    NYC Makor/Medicine Show Theaters

In Search of Alice                              Pete                                                     NYC Studio Theatre
An Evening with Will & Chris          Claudius/Petruchio/Mortimer           NYC Theater 54
Joseph Hubertus Pilates                   Joseph Pilates                                     NYC Manhattan Theater Club
Godspell                                             John the Baptist                                 NYC Blunt Theater Company


Biography of Pontius Pilate Pontius Pilate (principal)                                    Biography/A & E Television Networks
Forensic Files                                    Doug Mouser (principal)                         Court TV/Medstar Television
Comedy Central                                 Satanist (principal)                                Comedy Central Commercial
Maury Show                                       Tracey Marshall (featured)                      NBC Universal Television
The New Yorker                                 Featured Guest Artist                         Chladek Broadcast Group
The Two Shall Be One                       George (principal)                                   DGW Films, Inc.
Weapons of Mass Destruction          Secret Service Agt. Rupert (principal)    J. Senko Productions LLC
The Stranger                                     George (featured)                                   Ekeko Productions
Bridge to Nowhere                             Satan (featured)                                     Kaltenbach Productions
Mercury Chain                                   Drago (featured)                                     Curio Productions
Hysteria                                             Roy (featured)                                         Kubo Entertainment
Guess Who’s Coming             Father (featured)                                                DGL Productions
Who Knew!                                         Photographer (featured)                         JB Productions
Flowering Thorn                               Lord Henry/Oscar Wilde                     Original Musical Recording


Voice:             Brooklyn Conservatory; Robert DuSold; Albert Evans
Drama:            David Armstrong
Dance:            Julie Gale - classical partner
Education:     The American University, Juris Doctor/Lafayette College, Bachelor of Arts


Fluent in French and Danish; read music; proficient in playing saxophone; weight lifter; law enforcement experience (NYC prosecutor); accents (French, German, Danish and Israeli); driver’s license 




Randy Jones


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/President of the United States

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Kitra Williams


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Singer : Listen to Kitra sing

View Kitra Williams's Details...

Saith the Angel
I Can

Gospel singing phenomenon and actress, KITRA WILLIAMS, was voted outstanding in her most recent renown leading role performance with Bishop T. D. Jakes' masterpiece stage play, "Woman, Thou Art Loosed." Kitra sold out to performances throughout the country sending audiences on a spiritual emotional
roller coaster!

Kitra is founder of "the Agape Gospel Theater and Film Awards, an awards ceremony that has profoundly enhanced literarily works through the Gospel Entertainment Industry. The 3rd annual was recently held atthe famous Apollo Theater on February 24, 2007. Honored were those remaining true to the “ Gospel” in Theater, Film and Cartoon animation. The concept is only preceded by her experience and success in performing with some of the biggest names in Gospel theater as well as the Gospel industry, Kitra has performed as former lead singer for Bet’ s own Dr. Bobby Jones as a New Life Singers, as well as appeared with Gospel greats such as John P. Kee, Yolanda Adams, Albertina Walker, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong, to name a few.

On a European tour with Dr. Bobby Jones at the "Lionel Hampton Lounge" in Paris, Kitra graced the stage with Gospel Giants such as Vickie Winans and the Rev. Daryl Coley. Her first musical award” the Vision Award" was presented at the Grand Memorial in Nashville, TN. There she received acknowledgment as a part of the "Best Supporting Female Group" from the legendary Albertina Walker, as a New Life Gospel Singer.

Prior years saw Kitra gaining favorable recognition as she repeatedly delivered magnificent show-stopping performances. Her starring roll in the movie Roscoe’ s Chicken and Waffles, along with her leading rolls in Bishop T.D. hit Gospel stage play “ Woman Thou Art Loosed” Tyler Perry’ s Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” playwright Michael Mathew’ s hit musical dramas, “ Come Out of the Rain,” and “ No Place to Lay My Head.” Kitra also starred in Playwright David E. Talbert’ s hit musical “ Fabric of a Man,” which has recently been released across the nation world wide in Blockbusters Videos. Kitra’ s amazing ability to intertwine acting with singing as a ministry has left audiences in awe - - partly due to her opera training in college! With an astonishing five-year success, Kitra humbly attributes all Glory to God. “ It's the anointing he gives,” she says.

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education from Cheney State College (Cheney, PA), Kitra also received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology from Christ is the Answer University (Hollandale, FL).

This was surprisingly received at the end of a Shirley Caesar Concert in which Kitra was the featured guest soloist! Kitra’ s heartfelt passion for youth landed her a position as Vocal Coach and Theatrical Director for the Amazing Grace Conservatory, chaired by actress Wendy Raquel Robinson, co-star of the Steve Harvey Show. She is excited about her late test commitment to open her own Agape Gospel Academy in Phoenix. Elated about her latest mission, the launching of The Agape Gospel Theater and Film Awards and her record label. Kitra has formed a coalition of playwrights, directors, actors and singers that will set out to unite America with an “ America United Tour” This will begin May of 2007. The tour will consist of a 16 city mini concert and stage play, titled “ From Tragedy to Triumph” It will feature Ms. Williams and the personal testimony of a few Hurricane Katrina survivors. One of the survivors, Rakeysh Harding expresses the healing that takes place as he acts out his frustrations through the art of theater.! Kitra, says writing and directing musicals has taken her to heights she’ s only dreamed of. “God through my music and my creative gifts has performed miracles“ ! I have seen through the vehicle of Gospel play wrighting healing, salvation and deliverance usher many straight into the arms of Christ. Now that’ s what it’ s really all about and my being a part of it, is the biggest blessing of it all!" Listen out for… KITRA!





Lucas Hayes   


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Lucas Hayes's Details...







Chad Fairchild


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Chad Fairchild's Details...


Donald Chadwick (Chad) Fairchild

470 Moretz Farm Road Deep Gap, North Carolina 28618

828 264 9143



Acting, Equine Sport, Product Brand Management


Nearly 15 years experience as professional manager.

  • Ability to direct complex projects from concept to fully operational status.
  • Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities.
  • Organized, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.
  • Nearly 30 years experience as Horseman Enthusiast- Including Rodeo Events, Team Roping, Calf Roping, Cattle Sorting, Training, Etc.
  • Own and manage Double F Quarter horses an Equine Facility.

Relevant Experience & Accomplishments


  • Successfully assisted in establishing new Upholstery Leather Program, Outerwear Program, and most recently Western Influenced Furniture Program.
  • Balanced $12 million budget, resulting in impressive 30 percent profit margin.
  • Wrote business plans that include new product license.
  • Designed service development plans and conducted operation assessments.
  • Coached students in sports activities (football & rodeo).
  • Placed in multiple Equine Events with earnings exceeding $150,000.00.

First Place winner in following Equine Events

  1. USTRC Eastern Regional Finals
  2. USTRC Southeastern Regional Finals
  3. Southern Rodeo Association
  4. Mid-Atlantic Rodeo Association
  5. National Team Roping League
  6. Multiple USTRC (United States) Events
  7. Mid Eastern Team Roping Association
    Jx2 Productions
  • Organized and Developed Equine Association National Team Roping League. 2000 + members.
  • Currently acting/riding in movie Against the Wind.



  • Directed recruitment and retention of supervisors and staff of 42 + employees.
  • Trained, supervised and evaluated staff, coached improvement management skills.
  • Resulted in multilateral staff achievement of work objectives.
  • Managed and developed over 2000 machines of production abroad.
  • Successfully refined and implemented new projects.


Vice President – Finished Products, Carroll Companies, Inc., NC
Wholesaler of Finished Products and Branded Apparel.


Marketing & Sales Director, Carroll Leather, Inc. NC

  • Directed operations of daily Marketing and Sales for $40 Million Dollar Division


  • Obsolete Leather and Finished Goods Coordinator.


  • Trained and Assisted in Equine Horsemanship, Double F Quarter horses.

Childhood – Prior Experience





Donald Kent  


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/FBI Inspector



View Donald Kent's Details...






Tamara Stephenson


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Tamara 's Details...




Jason Livesay


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View Jason 's Web Site






Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor/Michelle, biplane mechanic

View Mike Shuford Details






Cast & Crew Member's Role:


View George Peter Tingley Details


George Peter Tingley is a composer, teacher, and pianist currently living in Point Richmond, California (in the San Francisco Bay Area). He is a highly active member of the Music Teacher’s Association of California, participating in Marin County events and serving of the Board of Director’s of the Alameda County Branch. He administrates the Composers Today of the Alameda County Branch, evaluates student compositions at the regional level and adjudicates the state contest. In 1996 he was a featured composer at the national convention of the MYNA in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been invited once again to present his work at the 1998 convention to be held in Nashville, Tennessee.

George received a BA in piano performance from California State University, Hayward, and completed both BM and MM degrees in Music Theory at the University of Southern California. During the 1970’s he was a private composition student of the legendary Nadia Boulanger in Paris.

In a teaching career spanning nearly 20 years, George has taught hundreds of students at a variety of institutions throughout Northern California, including extension courses at both San Francisco State University and Sacramento State University. College teaching has included lessons and classes in piano performance, jazz improvisation, musical composition, and music theory. In the field of scholarship, Mr. Tingley’s detailed discussion of the technique of metric modulation appeared in the Indiana Theory Review (Spring 1981), a paper that was both cited in Music Analysis: An annotated Guide to the Literature (Schirmer Books, 1991) and praised by Pulitzer-prize winning composer Elliot Carter.

In 1989, George began writing music for the educational market and now has over 60 published piano pieces to his credit. His late-intermediate piano solo "Reverie", published by Alfred in 1991, has become a standard teaching piece and is performed over 3000 times a year in the United States and abroad. His collection of piano duet music, "Fiddle and the Tuba" (written for teachers and students to perform together on one piano), is listed in the bulletin of the National Federation of Music Clubs.

George’s association with Olympic figure-skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi began in 1992 when he completed a composition written especially for her entitled "Kristi’s Theme". A Warner Bros. publication, the piece was arranged for full symphony orchestra and recorded at the Fantasy Studios in Berkeley featuring Mr. Tingley as piano soloist. Kristi has skated to the music on such programs as CBS This Morning, ABC Wide World of Sports, and IBM Skates of Gold, as well as in live performances at the Boston Garden, and in New York, at the Rockefellar Center and in Central Park.

In March 1997, the Berkeley Symphony premiered George’s arrangement of the Irish folk melody "The Gold Ring", a performance that featured 10-year old daughter Ariel as flute soloist. And in May 1997, Mr. Tingley’s 13-year old composition student, Jennifer Wang of El Cerrito, placed 2nd in her age division in the state contest of the MTAC Composers Today Program, an honor which subsequently led to a special invitation for her to perform at the state convention in San Francisco.

Of all his various activities, Mr. Tingley perhaps finds greatest pleasure learning from his students and sharing pedagogical ideas with his fellow teachers. He hopes to continue exactly what he is doing.




Cole Holbrook


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Actor, assistant to the President of USA. Cameraman/Art Director

View Cole Holbrook Details




Andrew King


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Stunt Pilot

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Born in 1962, Andrew had the good fortune to grow up to the sights and sounds of Fokkers and Sopwiths at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in upstate New York. His father was and still is a pilot there, and a number of family members were involved in the weekly airshows. As a teenager he graduated from washing the airplanes to flying them, soloing in a Piper Cub at sixteen, and flying my first airshow at nineteen. Some of the airplanes Andrew flew at Rhinebeck included the Great Lakes 2T-1A, Fleet 16B, Davis V-3, Fokker Triplane, Curtiss Jenny, and my father's DeHavilland Tiger Moth.

During this time he got his Airframe and Powerplant mechanic's license from Parks College in Cahokia, Illinois, and an English degree from Nyack College in Nyack, New York. He has managed to make some use of both, working on airplanes ever since, and occasionally writing articles for various aviation magazines.

Occasionally Andrew gets to see himself on TV and the big screen, he helped to make a GE commercial which shows a Wright brothers airplane powered by a GE jet engine, and with some of the same people was on The Learning Channel's "Junkyard Wars" program. For "Junkyard Wars", he was tasked with building a Wright-era aircraft in 2 days, using material from the junkyard, and then flying it. There were teams from England and France competing with them, and although they didn't win, it was a lot of fun. Widely known as one of the foremost WWI-era pilots in the world, Andrew was one of two American stunt pilots in the movie "Flyboys," the long-ago tale of courage and determination of the Lafayette Escadrille.

"I've been very fortunate in life to fly over 100 different types of aircraft, all but a few from the antique and classic era, and have ferried vintage aircraft all over the US, once flying a Waco UPF-7 from Anchorage, Alaska, to St. Louis. Hopefully there's more of the same to come."



Scott Nicholson


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Escadrille Pilot

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Scott Nicholson is a U.S. author specializing in horror or thrillers, often set in rural Appalachia. His debut, The Red Church, was a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award.


The Red Church, 2002
The Harvest, 2003
The Manor, 2004
The Home, 2005
The Farm, 2006
They Hunger, 2007
The Skull Ring, forthcoming 2008 (Full Moon Press)

Short stories
Scattered Ashes, 2008-Collection
Thank You For the Flowers, 2000 - story collection
"Heal Thyself" - appeared in the anthology Aegri Somnia

Dirt, (forthcoming) 2009-Comic series

Nicholson is a journalist living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. He's published over 50 stories in six countries and is also a screenwriter and currently vice-president of the Horror Writers Association. He's active in the Mystery Writers of America and International Thriller Writers and won the grand prize in the Writers of the Future contest in 1999.



Harry Lu


Cast & Crew Member's Role:


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  1. Public Enemies (2009) (head armorer)
  2. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (2008) (armorer) 
    ... aka Die Mumie - Das Grabmal des Drachenkaisers (Germany) 
    ... aka The Mummy 3 (USA: informal title)
  3. The Dark Knight (2008) (armorer) 
    ... aka Batman: The Dark Knight (USA: informal title) 
    ... aka The Dark Knight: The IMAX Experience (USA: IMAX version)
  4. Rambo (2008) (armorer) 
    ... aka John Rambo (Germany) (USA: working title) 
    ... aka Rambo 4 (India: English title) (Singapore: English title) 
    ... aka Rambo 4: John Rambo (Singapore: English title)
  5. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) (master armorer) 
    ... aka P.O.T.C. 3 (USA: promotional abbreviation) 
    ... aka Pirates 3 (USA: informal short title)
  6. Mission: Impossible III (2006) (weapons master) 
    ... aka M:i:III (International: English title: promotional abbreviation) (UK: promotional abbreviation) (USA: promotional abbreviation) 
    ... aka Mission: Impossible 3 (Australia) 
    ... aka Mission: Impossible III (Germany)
  7. War of the Worlds (2005) (armorer)
  8. Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003) (armorer)
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) (armorer) 
    ... aka P.O.T.C. (USA: promotional abbreviation)
  10. Tears of the Sun (2003) (armorer)
  11. Road to Perdition (2002) (armorer) (uncredited)
  12. Showtime (2002) (armorer: second unit) (uncredited)
  13. Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001) (V) (weapons wrangler)
  14. Training Day (2001) (armorer) (uncredited)
  15. Rush Hour 2 (2001) (armorer)
  16. Swordfish (2001) (armorer)
  17. Pearl Harbor (2001) (armorer) 
    ... aka Pearl Harbour (UK: promotional title)
  18. The Patriot (2000) (armorer) 
    ... aka Der Patriot (Germany) 

  19. End of Days (1999) (armorer) (uncredited)
  20. Payback (1999/I) (armorer)
  21. The Negotiator (1998) (armorer) (uncredited) 
    ... aka Verhandlungssache (Germany)
  22. Armageddon (1998/I) (armorer) (uncredited)
  23. Godzilla (1998) (armorer) (uncredited) 
    ... aka Gojira (Japan)
  24. Spawn (1997) (weapons master)
  25. Air Force One (1997) (armorer) 
    ... aka AFO 
    ... aka Air Force One (Germany)
  26. Rough Riders (1997) (TV) (armorer)
  27. Eraser (1996) (technical advisor)
  28. Heat (1995) (weapons master)
  29. Virtuosity (1995) (armorer)
  30. Waterworld (1995) (armorer)
  31. Batman Forever (1995) (armorer) (uncredited)
  32. Clear and Present Danger (1994) (armorer)
  33. True Lies (1994) (weapons master)
  34. On Deadly Ground (1994) (armorer)
  35. Sniper (1994) (armorer: USA)
  36. Last Action Hero (1993) (armorer) (uncredited)
  37. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993) (armorer) 
    ... aka Hot Shots! 2 (Australia)
  38. Point of No Return (1993) (weapon specialist) 
    ... aka The Assassin (Australia) (International: English title) (UK) (USA: video title) 
    ... aka The Assassin - (Point of No Return) (UK: DVD box title)
  39. Chaplin (1992) (armorer) (uncredited) 
    ... aka Charlot (Italy)
  40. Rapid Fire (1992) (armorer) (uncredited)
  41. Batman Returns (1992) (armorer) (uncredited)
  42. Black or White (1991) (V) (armorer)
  43. The Heroes of Desert Storm (1991) (TV) (armorer)
  44. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) (weapons master) 
    ... aka El Exterminator 2 (USA: Spanish title) 
    ... aka T2 (USA: promotional abbreviation) 
    ... aka T2 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day 
    ... aka T2: Extreme Edition (USA: video box title) 
    ... aka T2: Ultimate Edition (USA: video box title) 
    ... aka Terminator 2 - Le jugement dernier (France)
  45. The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991) (armorer) (uncredited) 
    ... aka The Naked Gun 2 1/2 (Canada: English title)
  46. Marked for Death (1990) (armorer)
  47. "The Flash" (armorer) (1 episode, 1990)
        - Pilot (1990) TV episode (armorer)
  48. "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" (1990) TV series (armorer) (unknown episodes)
    ... aka Parker Lewis (USA: new title)
  49. Another 48 Hrs. (1990) (armorer) 
    ... aka Another 48 Hours (Philippines: English title) 
Art Department:
  1. The Kingdom (2007) (property master: second unit) 
    ... aka Operation: Kingdom (Germany)
  2. Ultraviolet (2006) (supervising props/weapons consultant)
  3. "Deadwood" (additional props) (3 episodes, 2005)
        - Something Very Expensive (2005) TV episode (additional props) 
        - Complications (Formerly 'Difficulties') (2005) TV episode (additional props) 
        - New Money (2005) TV episode (additional props)
  4. Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) (property master) 
    ... aka Ballistic (Germany) 




Yuri Sazonoff


Cast & Crew Member's Role:

  Orchestrator, conductor
  and music director

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Composer Yuri Sazonoff has been writing music for broadcast and commercial release for almost two decades. He is an exceptionally versatile musician who focuses his diverse talents on composing, orchestrating and producing high end orchestral and cutting-edge hybrid music score. Yuri writes music for film, television, concert and theatre and he has been involved over years in a wide range of productions, from film and TV scores to major record label releases. Yuri possesses knowledge of orchestral, ethnic and all forms of electronic and ambient genres, and that makes him an ideal choice for realizing the most eclectic musical tastes; he possesses the ability to seamlessly blend symphonic music with electronica, rock, jazz or ethno music. In addition to scoring for film and television, Sazonoff is often called upon to write songs and collaborate with various artists. Complimenting his roles as composer and producer, Yuri is a busy orchestrator, conductor and music director for “Moscow Studio Symphony Orchestra” (MSSO).

Yuri Sazonoff holds a Masters degree in composition from Moscow State Conservatory. After graduation he started his career as an in-house composer/arranger and programmer for VIDEO FILM MOSCOW where he worked on a wide number of film and television productions. During this time he has mastered his superior abilities as MIDI programmer, sound designer and orchestrator, always using latest technological tools available to him.Yuri quickly became much sought-after composer and record producer who enjoyed success within both, film and music industry fields. In Mid 90’s he has moved to Germany. During this period his working assignments included composing and arranging broadcast radio themes, jingles and writing television cues for the Bavarian national radio and Bavaria Film studios. He also worked extensively as music producer with various music studios. Yuri’s name has appeared at that time on numerous record releases with EMI/ Elektrola, Universal Music, Sony BMG Germany, Koch International/Weltbild Music etc.In 1999 Yuri set up his home base in Toronto where he works extensively as a composer, orchestrator and producer for Solitudes, Avalon, Fisher Price, Reflection and Universal labels. Over last decade he produced with these labels some over 70 productions. His recent production and arranging credits include producing tracks for Canadian Tenors, Jim Brickman, Matt Dusk, Rankin Family, Harry Manx, Sarena Paton, Richard Simmons, Mark Maseri, Kate Chelsea and more.Yuri Sazonoff owns and operates the Orchestral Recording Company that provides services for North American and Canadian composers and directors/producers facilitating the recording of film scores and orchestral music using world-class symphony orchestras and recording facilities in Russia. Over period of 10 years this company was successful recording over 90 large scale orchestral projects.



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